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Coating Thickness Gauge, Minitest 4100

Coating Thickness Gauge, Minitest 4100
Coating Thickness Gauge, Minitest 4100
Product Code : Coating Thickness Gauge, Minitest 4100
Product Description
Coating Thickness Gauge, Minitest 4100

MiniTest  Model 4100 - 3100 - 2100 - 1100, Elektrophysik (Germany)


The MiniTest gauges are small universal gauges designed for non-destructive coating thickness measurement. For many years, automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft and machine manufacturers as well as government departments, inspectors, consultants and the paint and electroplating industry have used ElektroPhysik coating thickness gauges. Well-known automotive producers and leading manufacturers of nearly all branches of industry entrust ElektroPhysik gauges with their quality assurance.


The MiniTest 4100 - 1100 series comprises four different basic gauges, thus offering different possibilities of processing of measuring values. Different probes are available which can be connected to all basic gauges. In order to select the  right probe, the thickness of the coating to be measured as well as that of the substrate and the geometry have to be taken into consideration. ElektroPhysik offers a range of probes suitable for standard as well as for special applications. For measurements on steel, the magnetic induction principle is used allowing measurement of all insulating coatings, e.g. paint, enamel etc., and non-ferrous metals on steel and ferrous metals. Probes working on the magnetic induction principle are referred to as F-probes. For measurements of insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals, the eddy current principle is used. Probes working on this principle are referred to as N-probes.

MiniTest 4100

MiniTest 4100 offers unique possibilities of data processing. In total, 10,000 measuring values can be stored in max. 99 application memories each with max. 98 batches. Application memories are extremely useful when different measuring tasks requiring different calibrations or probes occur regularly. The selected memory stores the calibration carried out and the probe used. Once MiniTest 4100 is prepared for various measuring tasks, taking a series of readings becomes simple and quick. Permanent calibration can be dispensed with and measuring errors are abolished. For quality assessment, the stored measuring series can be evaluated according to the various statistics modes. Setting limit values allows the user to take readings and at the same time monitor the tolerances specified for the production process. Acoustic signals indicate that a preset limit value was exceeded.

MiniTest 3100

MiniTest 3100 also possesses a total memory capacity of 10,000 readings and the possibility to store readings in 10 application memories with 10 batches each. A calibration once performed remains in the application memory. Statistical evaluation of a measuring series allows the user to assess the coating with mean value, max., min., standard deviation and number of readings taken within one measuring series.

MiniTest 2100

This gauge version also possesses a total memory capacity of 10,000 readings. A complete measuring series can be statistically evaluated. MiniTest 2100 is suitable for users with repeated applications, e. g. electroplated coatings on small objects.

Switching off the gauge does not delete calibrations from the memory.

MiniTest 1100

This gauge is the basic version of the MiniTest 4100 series. Its functions are simple and clearly arranged. However, this low-cost version also works with all probes of the ElektroPhysik range. Thus, special applications, e.g. very thick coatings, can be measured at a reasonable price. MiniTest 1100 does not offer either a memory or statistics
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