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GSM Cutter

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GSM Cutter

Paper and Packaging Industry is one of the fast growing industry in India. We manufacturer Paper GSM Cutter for checking accurate GSM of any paper and laminated film or sheet. This Paper GSM Cutter cut round sample of 100 cm. square accurately and avoid variation on GSM by using any traditional way of sample cutting. This Paper GSM Cutter prepare specimen sample of same size each and every time. ie. 100 cm. square.

  • As per Standard ASTM D 3776, ISO 3801
  • Diameter of Specimen : 113 mm
  • Area of Specimen  :  100 cm. square


  • Blade: 4 Nos. Heavy Duty Blade (Made in Germany)
  • Pad: 1 Nos. Special Quality Rubber Pads.
  • Screw Driver for Blade Changing/Tilting