Internal Dial Caliper Gauge

Internal Dial Caliper Gauge

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Internal Dial Caliper Gauge

Teclock Internal Dial Caliper Gauges

As to internal calliper gauge IM-880 series, the distance between contact points facing outside is firstly set at standard dimension with ring gauge or micrometer. Then, it is measured by inserting contact point into internal dimension part to be measured after its Outer Dial of which moves together with rotated Bezel is set at  ZERO . The displacement of indicator from “0” point of outer dial is to be measured at that time. The value adding the read displacement to standard dimension or deducting it from standard dimension is the dimension of internal diameter. This series attaches spare contact point which can set accurate dimension corresponding to size of internal dimension. External calliper gauge is opposite, namely reading the value by holding work piece with 2 contact points facing inside

Available Model :

Model Range
  • IM-880 20-35mm
  • IM-881 30-62mm
  • IM-882 55-153mm