Secondry Cable Checker, AMS-1070M, Spotron

Secondry Cable Checker, AMS-1070M, Spotron

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Secondary Cable Checker, AMS-1070M, Spotron

Secondary Cable Checker (Micro Ohm Meter) Model : AMS-1070M


Model AMS-1070M measures an increase in DC resistance due to deterioration of the secondary cables or kickless cable and also detects an abnormality in the secondary circuit caused by such as insufficient bolting, oxidizing of the contact surface, etc.


  • 4-terminal system is employed to neglect resistance between terminal and work piece.
  • Accurate measuring for micro ohm by the circuits of precision constant-current, micro voltage amplifying and common voltage eliminating.
  • Clear ditial indication by LED display even in dark place.
  • Memory function for 10 kinds of upper limit resistance value is equipped to perform OK/NG judgment at the time of measurement.
  • Automatic start by pen probe for easy operation ready to use on the site.Auto power-off function (shut off automatically after 10minutes without any operation)
  • Light and compact body for convenient use at any place and rechargeable by built-in battery