Welding Monitor Model AMS-105S

Welding Monitor Model AMS-105S

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Welding Monitor Model AMS-105S

Product Details:

  • Automatic Grade:  Automatic
  • Model: Text


AMS-105S is automatic monitor of secondary current and welding time for resistance welding machine. Secondary current and welding time is measured and indicated in the display, at the same time signal output is done for the result of judging safe or failure.

It supports many functions with external input/output terminals such as output of voltage (AC100V) for NG alarm, change of welding parameters, detection of no currrent, etc.


  • Setup of upper/lower limit (allowable range) of secondary current and welding time.
  • Covering many patterns to set up measuring conditions (Max. 16 patterns).
  • Point of displaying the measurement value is arbitrarily specified per 0.5 cycles.
  • Measuring current can be selected in case of multi-impulse welding. (IMPULSE No.)
  • Set up of NG judging for no current by imputting start signal from external device.

Colored indication in the display for OK/NG judgment:

  • "GREEN" = OK (within allowable range), "RED" = NG (out of allowable range)

Measured data in the display can be printed out by ditital printer DP-110H (option).